Camelot Blamed for Creating Scratch Cards to Target UK Youth

The United Kingdom’s official national lottery operator, Camelot, is currently under fire for the use of certain themes in its scratch ticket games.  Camelot is being accused of attempting to target their scratch cards to a younger market.  The new games created by the operator features themes that are highly appealing to youths such as Monopoly, Pac Man and other popular animations that capture the interests of the younger generation.  Since their release, these scratch card games have been selling in large numbers.

According to the Daily Mail, Camelot’s scratch cards are typically set up in a strategic way among the sweets and treats sections in stores where they are sold.  Due to their location, they catch the eye of youth who are enticed to buy them.

Although the legal age for purchasing scratch tickets in the UK is 16, some worry that even younger children will purchase them due to the attractive nature of the games.

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