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French Roulette is an exciting version of casino roulette. Some people make the mistake of thinking that this variant is the same as another style of game known as European Roulette. However, the reality is that these two games are actually very different from one another.

Online French Roulette is very popular. It's thrilling to play and can be very rewarding if luck is on your side. However, winning at this game isn't simply a matter of having good fortune. You can also improve your chances for success when you understand how the odds work and can make knowledgeable bets. Therefore, learn how to play the game: understand the rules, the table layout, and the roulette wheel.

Casino French Roulette uses the same roulette wheel that is used in the European variant. This wheel has only one green slot marked by "0". This is one of the main reasons these two games are often mistaken as being one in the same.  In truth, there are only slight differences that make these two games distinct from one another, but despite how slight they might be, they're significant.  This is why it's important you know the proper rules, so you can apply the right strategies.

One feature in particular that makes French Roulette stand out is that French words are used to describe the game's bets. Therefore, it's a good idea to find out what the different words means so you know what bets you're making. In addition, the game has a rule called "la partage". This rule applies when the winning number on the wheel is 0 and effects players who have made even money bets. Instead of losing their full bet, these players only lose half.

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Play online French Roulette for real money or for free, anytime you want.

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