Guardian Describes Ayre as Web-Gambling’s King of Bling

In a feature article on Bodog’s founder, Ayre, Guardian describes the entrepreneur as the king of bling of web gambling.  This is an apt description for the high-profile entrepreneur. He recently purchased with a decent amount and hosted his birthday party in Dublin.  50 girls were invited in the party, as told to Guardian.

Ayre’s father got involved in a marijuana smuggling case in the 1990s. Ayre himself was also involved in a scandal related to share-trading. After this Ayre created the Bodog brand. Today it is one of world’s largest gambling brands. With the increase of profits, Ayre’s lifestyle also changed. He judged lingerie contests on television and also appeared in Playboy.

The moneyed man is the owner of two houses in Vancouver. He has three more houses in Antigua and also owns pads in Philippines, Thailand and Costa Rica. He conducts parties in these places for Bodog girls, gamblers and rap artists. Ayre says, there are three places he wouldn’t like to go ever. Although Bodog made popularity and Ayre made huge money in the US, the entrepreneur doesn’t want to visit the country again. He says, that he was compelled to leave the US and remodel his business after the passing of UIGEA. From an operator of online gambling, Ayre became a franchiser of Bodog.  He also doesn’t want to go to his native place, Saskatchewan in Canada. The place is remote and bores Ayre. Another place, he never wants to visit is Poland as he got robbed in the country.  It is quite surprising that a smart man like Ayre fell into a trap like this. Some young women got him into a bar where a group of men were waiting to rob him.

In terms of business, Ayre says that the United States is probably coming to this industry. Bodog’s name was mentioned after Black Friday but the entrepreneur says that he cannot be dragged into it.

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