Playtech Announces Plans to Expand on Its Current Joint Ventures

Playtech, one of the top providers of online gaming software, recently made known its intentions to raise its funds to £100 million as part of its plan to expand their investments and acquisitions.  Throughout the month of August, Playtech sought many strategic opportunities to improve its company and offerings.  Now, after laying out all of its groundwork, Playtech is pleased to announce that its joint ventures and acquisitions have finally been realized.

Many Playtech representatives have said that the agreements the company has recently made will improve its most current offerings.  As it stands now, Playtech is partnered with William Hill.  Together, the two companies offer software technology to gambling operators.

Time, as well as finding the companies with which it wanted to enter partnerships with, have played an integral role in Playtech’s expansion.  There’s no doubt that expanding has opened up new doors of opportunity for Playtech.

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