Online Gambling Dens Raided in Asia

News reports have consistently reported police initiatives in Asian regions like Philippines and Malaysia to curb illegal gambling operations.

Police force has been deployed to raid illegal betting operations in Philippines’ Pasig city. This has led to more than 20 arrests. The arrested individuals are mainly from the Korean online gambling syndicate as told by CIDG spokesperson. The leader of the organized crime cell, Lee Dewook was also arrested. The apprehended organized crime soldiers are refusing to communicate with the police. They will be charged as per local anti gambling laws.

The police have seized eighteen computers, six boxes of playing cards and six baccarat tables. It is evident that a live online dealer is involved in the illegal gambling operations in the country. Online players at the live casino could see human dealers conducted blackjack games on their computer screens.

In Malaysia, 820 people were arrested and approximately 4000 computers were confiscated in the last couple of months. This is a substantial jump in the illegal crackdowns over the previous year as told by CID’s Zakaria Ahmad. The arrested individuals are mostly repeat offenders and they have been charged under 1953 Gaming House Act and a 1997 anti gambling policy.  The police are also monitoring cyber cafes to make sure that they are not locations for illegal betting games. Power supply is also being restricted in the online illegal betting centers until investigations are completed.

Malaysian police chief Ayub Khan told that there are plans to arrest the players along with organizers of illegal gambling operations. There are provisions in Malaysian law to arrest those caught playing online gambling games.

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