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The online casino has released the average losses per player across the 50 biggest English regions, which show that income has no bearing on player success rates.

Live casino games specialist has released data on the success rates of its English players, by listing the average revenue made by the site per player and by region.

Ipswich is first, with average losses of just £147.93 per person. Next comes Birkenhead with £160.25, then Sunderland (£164.10), Milton Keynes (£164.12) and Reading (£166.86).

Least successful is Liverpool, with average losses of £482.42 per player. Next is Middlesbrough (£479.29), Worthing (£431.97), Southampton (£423.87) and Bristol (£417.36).

The figures reveal that neither population size or average income affect success rates. The country's largest cities, Manchester, Birmingham and London are spread across the results, coming 43rd, 29th and 12th respectively.

Middlesborough is the UK's lowest income region, but its players had the second highest losses, while the city with the highest income, London, came 39th with losses of just £202.70.

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