UK Woman Found Guilty of Stealing from Employers for Gambling

A UK woman from Wall Health town was recently sentenced to 13 months in jail after being found guilty of theft.  She was accused of stealing from two of her employers over an 18th month period.  It is believed she stole an estimated £74,000 during this time, all of which she used to support her online gambling addiction.

The 44 year-old accused UK woman was described as being an individual who was once known to be of good character.  Nevertheless, she confessed to stealing the money and using it for gambling purposes.  She also said that she squandered all of the money she stole on gambling and had bided her time in revealing the actual amount she had lost to betting.

Aside from serving time in jail, should the woman use any of the money she won for online gambling in the future, she will lose all of her assets and will be forced to abide by a frugal lifestyle.

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